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The average cost of filling a job vacancy, either directly or through a recruitment agency, is around £4,500.* When it comes to niche industries where very few candidates are qualified, the costs increase – often exponentially. Now, imagine this scenario: you’ve found the perfect candidate and they start the job. But they aren’t actually qualified.
In specialised markets, finding that needle in a haystack may prove just too good to be true, and it often does if the HR department or recruiter did not properly vet applicants. In the UK, hiring the wrong person for a job is a catastrophically expensive error, costing companies on average between £8,200 and £12,000.** That’s tear your hair out, tears over morning coffee levels of money. And, on top of all of that, you still have a placement to fill.

Reducing the stress

Let’s turn the tables. You’re a qualified job seeker with specialist skills. You’re on LinkedIn, you send your resume out to recruiters and you spend hours in coffee shops and on the couch applying for jobs. Heck, it almost feels like applying for jobs is a job in and of itself…except, oh yeah, you aren’t getting paid. You get loads of emails from recruiters and even a few interviews, but given your skill set, you want to be discerning about your next role, and you aren’t going to budge for just any old job. You’ll spend most of your day at work, so you want the right fit, just as you would your outfit – you want to feel comfortable.
“In the UK, hiring the wrong person for a job is a catastrophically expensive error, costing companies on average between £8,200 and £12,000.”

Bring ease to your hiring process or job search

Enlight Consulting was founded on the premise that both businesses and candidates deserve a personalised recruitment experience. There are two sides to that tale, which many recruiters don’t understand: businesses want to recruit the best candidates, keeping an eye on cost but prioritising the skills and fit of the applicant. The job seeker also wants to find an organisation that does work they are interested in, a place where their abilities are utilised and challenged. Placing candidates into jobs based upon high volume CV reviews, is a very easy way to make both parties, once the candidate is placed, deeply unhappy. So, think about the scenarios for both businesses and job seekers above. This scenario is much more likely in specialised industries where it is difficult for HR and non-specialised recruiters to understand the scope of what organisations are looking for, and what candidates would fit in the right places and positions.

A finely tuned approach

We live and breathe placement in the Insight, Market Research, Strategy and Analysis industries. Since 2007, we have been building knowledge and expertise in these ever-evolving industries (we’re learning all the time!) and building partnerships with client companies and candidates, tailoring our recruitment approach to each individual as necessary. It is that transparent and supportive approach that keeps companies coming back to us and candidates approaching us for placement opportunities.

How to make it easy

The industries on which we focus are niche ones, and many times, only a few candidates truly fit the bill. Who better to drill down into their background to make sure you have the most qualified person? And, for job seekers, what better recruiter to work with than one that really gets the industry, the organisations and the types of positions available?

The answer is Enlight. 


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