Making a Move: Knowing when to make a career change in the Insight, Market Research and Analytics industries
Most people start to feel it in meetings, when checking an email or late on Sunday evenings: a pervasive feeling that work just is not exciting anymore. After a few instances of this feeling, the common response is to start to look for a new job. But does that niggling feeling of discontent, boredom or thinking that you’ve outgrown your current role mean that it is really the right time to make a career move? Particularly in fields such as insight, market research and analytics, which are competitive, niche industries, thinking through your career move before you make it is the best approach to take.

Explore if dipping a toe in the water is the best way to start

Many candidates come to us with the notion that dipping their toe in the job pool won’t do any harm – after all, they don’t have to jump in and take a new job right away. However, there are some other options that many people don’t consider before starting to look for a new job. These include:

  • Exploring other options in your existing company
  • Speaking to HR and/or your manager about areas that you would like to change, for instance, if you need a flexible work schedule, would like to take on new projects, do training to develop new skills, want a promotion or a raise
  • Putting together a proposal to share with your manager or managing team that supports your reasons for wanting more fulfilling, dynamic or exciting projects and assignments


You’d be surprised by how often being proactive and transparent can inspire your manager to support you and effect positive change in your current role.

The take away here: have a deep think about why you’re feeling like you’d like to make a change and consider all the ways in which that change could be achieved.

Sometimes it is not about looking for a new job at a new company, but changing the role, project or approach taken in your current situation.

“The take away here: have a deep think about why you’re feeling like you’d like to make a change and consider all the ways in which that change could be achieved.”

Pitching yourself and your CV for the job move

You may have already thought through all the above aspects and are completely convinced that moving company is the best approach. Before applying, start to review job announcements and reflect on whether you meet the requirements for roles that you’d like to apply for.

If it really is the right time to make a move, you’ll want to be completely sure that you have the skill set necessary to make the move. For example, if you currently work at an agency and want to move client-side for an insight role, consider what technical experience and subjective competencies you have that will make you marketable for the role. What are the broad skills required for success? Have you had exposure to these skills – for instance, managing senior stakeholders or making strategic recommendations to clients and/or stakeholders? If not, can you take on new projects or add to your current scope of work to get exposure to these types of tasks?

Similarly, if you specialise in one type of sector, methodology or data, you will want to bulk up your experience if you are trying to move to a company that addresses more than your current experience set. Find projects you can assist with in your current role or take a training course out of work hours to get experience. At the very least, you’ll want to think about how the skills you have are transferrable and valuable in a new company setting, and how you can showcase these skills on a CV or an interview.

Calling on a recruiter

At Enlight we work with the most qualified candidates in the insight, market research, strategy and analytics fields. From Insight and research managers to data scientists to brand strategy consultants, our reputation is to put forward candidates who are industry experts with deep experience and impressive professional backgrounds. Companies know that our candidates are amongst the strongest in the field.

That’s why we don’t just put forward anyone for a vacancy who wants a new job; we are discerning about the candidate experience and make sure they are aware of the skills they need for the new job they are aiming for. It makes the process easier for the candidate and the company, and everyone is happy with the process.

That’s why it is important for prospective candidates to do their homework and seek advice before jumping (or even dipping) in the job pool. The job seeking process takes focus and a considered approach. From taking on new projects, having brave conversations, to working after hours to get more experience, if making a move is really what you want, you may have to work for it. But with the help of Enlight’s recruitment expertise, with industry specific knowledge matched with a personalised approach, all your work will be in service of a great new job – one that leaves you happy to respond to emails and looking forward to going to the office on Monday morning.


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